Counterparts LLC was founded by four experienced fabricators/technicians under one individual with a simple plan: to provide customers with something the competitors have failed to fulfill; quality custom countertops built correct the first time, in a swift and timely manner.
We found that many countertop shops did not have a hands on approach to custom fabrication. Many jobs were passed heartlessly from person to person sometimes missing critical steps requested by customers.
At Counterparts LLC, we aim to change the public opinion about kitchen remodeling. Just as we would expect for ourselves, our motto is: "Do it right the first time!"
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Natural Stone
Natural stone surfaces hold up very well to heat and come in a wide variety of colors. Natural stone will last a lifetime with minor maintanance, and we offer an optional lifetime sealer so that you don't have to worry about the beauty of the stone being lost to stains. They offer natural, unique characteristics and are a time tested classic.

Solid Surface
Solid Surface countertops are durable, easy to clean, come in many colors, and have color consistency. They offer a renewable finish, inconspicuous seams, unlimited edge profiles, and integrated sinks.

Quartz Stone
Quartz surfaces are engineered stone made up of quartz and resin. They require no sealing, are stain resistant, and offer color consistency. Engineered stone has 3-4 times the flexural strength of granite.