Best Seller

Pental Quartz  Vicostone Quartz

Our best selling Quartz line.   Pental Quartz is a quality brand with an excellent color selection.  Pricing goes from Level A (lowest) to Level F (highest).  Pental Quartz tends to be more cost effective than other brands in the lower price levels. 

Cambria Quartz

Cambria is a highly recognized name brand quartz.  Cambria is a highly popular brand.  With over 100+ colors available, Cambria has three price levels; Standard, Luxury, and Premium Luxury.  They have designs from the plain to the exotic with new colors coming out every year.  

Silestone Quartz

 Silestone is a popular name brand quartz line that had been on the marked for a long time with a good reputation.  Silestone currently offers over 70 colors with price groups from A (lowest price) to F (highest price).  Please call/email our office for pricing. 

Corian Quartz Zodiaq Quartz
Caesarstone Quartz
Quartz designer bathroom

Quartz Designer Bathroom.