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Counterparts LLC
Snowfall Grante 
Group E with Ogee Edge

Kitchen and Bath Countertops


Geos Recycled Glass Kitchen

 We found that many countertop shops did not have a hands on approach to custom fabrication. Many jobs were passed heartlessly from person to person sometimes missing critical steps requested by customers.  At Counterparts LLC, our skilled fabricators follow each job from beginning to end. 


Cambria Quartz Newport Island with Costa Esmerelda Granite Perimeter Kitchen

 At Counterparts LLC, we aim to change the public opinion about kitchen remodeling. Just as we would expect for ourselves, our motto is: "Do it right the first time!" 


New Caledonia Group A Granite with Full Heigh Backsplash

Counterparts LLC was founded by four experienced fabricators/ technicians under one individual with a simple plan: to provide customers with something the competitors have failed to fulfill; quality custom countertops built correct the first time, in a swift and timely manner. 


Cambria Carrick Laundry Room with Drop in Stainless Steel Sink

Before Template:

 - Remove any old backsplash
- Have any cooktop, slide in stove, and sink (unless we supply) on site
- Have any faucet (specs are often okay for faucet only); insta-hot, soap dispenser, water purifier, etc. physically on site 

Before Install:

 - Have disconnected the drain and old faucet
- Remove old top (old top removal is available for a fee if preapproved by office)
- Supports and/or Corbels are the responsibility of the Customer. 

One hour or later after install:

 - Have Plumber reconnect water and drain
- Have an Electrician hook up any stove or cooktop appliance 


 - Top removal and disposal are available for an additional fee.  The fee varies by size of the kitchen and material the old top is made of.  Please discuss with the sales representative if you want the removal option to get an exact price.

- We do not do plumbing, electric, gas, or apply painters caulk.   NO EXCEPTIONS.

- Any cooktop, slide in stove, and customer supplied sink must be on site at time of template.  We like to get the cutouts as exact as possible to make sure there is enough room for the appliance, yet avoid any unseemly gaps.   Any sink(s) will be brought back to the shop to create a custom template for secure fits.  Farm sinks must be installed before template.  Cooktops and Slide-ins are measured on site.  Often Manufacturers specs are not accurate or complete.  The appliance must be physically on site at template.  If they are not available on site, this will delay the template and installation and possibly require a re-template charge.